Wednesday, August 4, 2010


There was a time, when TVC plays life blood for the advertising for a product. In 90'S The people wishes to watch TVC's with more eagerness. As the result, they coincidently keep in touch with the particular product. In 90's, people goes to the stores and demanded for any product by using the tagline given in the adds. Like- "Fevicol kaa joor hai, tootega nahi". Customer comes to the market by attracting from the lovely TVCs. We can't forgot the TVC of Dhara oil called "Jalevi". Like that there was a lot of popular advertises which creates a bigger impression on customer mind. Peop-le loves to watch the TVCs.

But as per there is a life cycle of anything, the life cycle of TVCs in India is comes to an end. Today the advanced technology and digital media makes the TVCs more attractive and modern, but the people hardly takes an interest in watching in such kind of TVCs. The plenty of TV channels and people's busyness is also a major reason behind it. Today, a common Pearson having a TV with a cable connection. So, he wants to utilized hi cable as much as possible. As the result, he don,t watch TVCs and change the channel at the time when advertise shown on T.V. It is a major problem facing by T.V media of advertising. But most of the major companies are not getting this point and they are spending much and much money on the TVCs, due to competition with rival which in not good for the point of view of company.

Reasons for the downfall of TVC's.:-

1) Plenty of availability of multi channels and different program's. People not take interest in watching the TVC's.

2) Extra busyness and less time with people.
3) Easy and cheaper availability of internet and relating devices.
4) Decline stage of advertising in India.
5) Other means of advertising are running effectively, like- canopy promotion, sales promotion, direct marketing.

6) Easy availability of any information related to the product on internet.
7) Repeating the same video many times a day.

So,The days of DD1 are gone. Now a days expending more on the TVC is just wasting money.So, major companies should take step on this point