Friday, June 24, 2011

The Presentation Concept in Retail Industry

Presentation is everithing in retail industry. It dosent matter that how goods is? it is right, wrong, small, large etc. main thing is that how it presented in front of customer. A nice presentation can lead to sale an unbrand product and at the same time without a proper presentation, a very nice and precious thing is looking like worthless. In retail, no need to convince a customer, if your product presentation is proper. The presentation describs all about the goods.

Major Ways of Presentation;-

1) Light Presentation :- Lights of different colors makes an impact on customer as well as it increase the get up of a product. Generally, customer attracts more by light and sound.

2) Sound Presentation :- Sounds refers to the music and songs. Generally, customer comes to the store after finishing his all the work, so at the time he/she becomes little bit tired. The music or song provides a customer little bit relief and entertain them. It convince a customer to pass more time in store.

3) Attractive Packing :- Packing of a product defines it’s value. Good and attractive packing mesmerizes the customer.

4) Placing :- Placing of good is a major part of presentation. It much matters that where the goods should be place, because first impression is last impression. So, put fresh arrival in front of entry of the store which can attract the customer standing outside the store. The most running items should kept in the interiors of the store so that a customer will have to pass the complete area and by doing that the retailer can focus every product to the customer. Also there are some products on which customer takes time in selection, so these products should be kept at the place where enough space is available.

5) Pricing :- Pricing is one of the most major factor which decides the success or failure of a product. In those days, pricing is also a part of presentation. Different kind of psychological pricing like Rs. 99, 199, 499, 999 or different criteria’s of discount works as means of presentation of product.


  1. Nice !!!!! keep it up.. but can you please through some light on the strategy to survive and be competitive in high competition.

  2. Great Abhisek, I will take care about your comment and answer in next post..............

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