Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Maggi's Initiation Towards Rural Market

Masala-ae-Magic :- The most trusted brand of Nestle, Maggi from 25 years, now going to make an entry i the Indian rural market with it;s latest introduction, Maggi Masala-ae-Maic. It is the cheapest noodle of Maggi which will be avilable in the Indian rural market for just Rs. 2.

While Masala-ae-Magic is a fortified taste enhancer with Iron, Iodine and Vitamin A, Rasile Chow is a low-cost, tasty light meal that is fortified with Iron.

Nestle India Chairman & Managing Director Antonio Helio Waszyk says the company has leveraged its nutritional expertise to innovate and develop relevant products at the appropriate time with, for example, increased natural fiber, or reinforcing them with nutrients such as calcium and proteins to better manage health and wellness.

Products for the rural market will also help the company maintain a balance. In the last two years, when the urban markets cooled down, the rural markets continued to remain buoyant. High support prices for all large crops, the National Rural Employment Guarantee programme, and the farm loan waiver have ensured that there is good purchasing power in the rural markets. This has begun to drive FMCG companies to villages and small towns. Nestle is no exception.

It will be consider as a one of the great introduction from the stable of Nestle. but it's success is depend upon the customers preference which is an unpredictable issue. We from the behalf of "THE WORLD OF FMCG" wishing Maggie Masala-ae-Magic as a huge success.


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