Thursday, March 3, 2011

Indian Railway :- It's Enough for IRCTC, it should be Changed.

Imagine, you are travelling in train and wants to have a tea or coffee, but finally you found the same testless tea/coffee of IRCTC. At the time, the whole enjoyment to take a taste of tea goes to vein, only frustration arises. It is not your own story, but it is the story of 15 million people who travels every day by different trains of Indian railway network.Everybody dissatisfy with the poor services of IRCTC. But nobody opposes because everybody ignores this due to only a mare journey. But is this a excuse? everytime we tolerate them due to journey. At the same time, we should think that it is not only our own matter but it is a matter of repudiation of out nation. Because, there are a lot of foreign tourists, travellers and other dignity prsons are also travells by these trains. So, why not our govt. looking upon this matter. If IRCTC is unable to provide best services, then there should be privatisation in catering division og railway. The catering authority should be given to private companies. As the result there will be dule benifit, One side, the passangers will get better services as well as the revenue of govt. also increases.

We are waiting to enjoy a taste of Costa Coffee or Georgia in trains replacing the tasteless tea of IRCTC. Because at the present time, passengers dont bother to carry a bag full with eateries and beverages, but they are expecting to a better service from railway pantry team. So, Railway should be meet ther commitments.

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